South Lake Cycle loves being a part of the greater Excelsior biking community. Our great variety of new Cannondale, Linus, FATBACK, Framed, and a variety of electric bikes means that we have the perfect bike for every rider and every riding style. We sell kids bikes too!



Cannondale is an east coast bicycle company with a reputation for innovation and excellence. Cannondale our main brand, offereing a wide variety of quality bicycles---from high performance road and mountain bikes to kids, comfort, fitness, commuter, and recreational style bikes.



Keep your eyes open for one of our retro style Linus bikes leaving the market with a basket full of groceries, or leaning up against the wall at the brewery. Linus is a bicycle company from California and their bikes are a local favorite. They are great for around town as well as on the trail. The company says it best: "That's LINUS . . . a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff."



Fatback hails from Anchorage, Alaska. Designed and tested in the state where fat bikes were born, Fatback fat bikes are the best that they come! We are proud to be one of the few local dealers in Minnesota. Click here to see Fatback's excellent line up, and check out this page to learn more about their spot-on activity specific geometries. Call ahead to inquire about our in stock models and sizes.



Our Framed fat tire bikes are also a local favorite . . . and not just in the winter! Based out of St. Paul, the Framed bike crew is doing a great job of making fun, quality, bikes available at a competitive industry price. Available in a range of price points, from base models to full carbon and high performance. We have Framed fat and gravel bikes at the shop for both kids and adults. Stop in to test ride one and see for yourself why everyone is riding them!


Electric Bikes: Cannondale, Del Sol, and GoCycle

We offer high quality electric bicycles from Cannondale, Del Sol, and Go Cycle. The Cannondale Quick Neo and the Del Sol Lxi IO are excellent hybrid style electric bicycles. The Cannondale Cujo Neo is a super fun electric mountain bike with extra wide tires. The GoCycle is easy to use, comfortable to ride, extremely transportable, and excellently engineered.